Puerto Vallarta fishing review My Marlin Sportfishing

Puerto Vallarta fishing Charter Review aboard the My Marlin October 2016

Great time on the My Marlin. Captain and first mate were top notch and ended up putting a nice blue on the boat.

review by  Joe Dusek


September – November are alot of fishermen favorite months to fish in Puerto Vallarta these are the months where everything is biting offshore Blue and Black Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and Dorado.  You might be lucky enough to even catch all 4 in just one fishing charter 

Puerto Vallarta fishing report April 2016

Puerto Vallarta fishing report April 2016

We have a big month of Yellowfin Tuna fishing this last month the big bite continues about 15 miles past el banco so even though the fishing is hot do not think it will be a easy task. It is still about a 3 hr ride from the Marina so if you after Tuna you need a 14 hour to overnight charter. It seems we are finally in between seasons for Billfish I did not think it was going to slow down since Marlin and Sailfish have been biting consistent all year I guess all good things must come to an end but the big question is when will the Billfish bite start again Normally the Blue and Black Marlin fishing season is mid June to mid December but this last year it has been from June to March with even still a few caught in mid March.

Puerto Vallarta fishing Charters

Puerto Vallarta fishing Charters questions and answers

puerto vallarta yellowfin tuna fishing

I get asked alot of the same questions when it comes to our fishing charters so I thought I would make this post  about the most frequently asked questions and hopefully I will not have to answer the same questions evey day. First I will tell you a little about our fishing Charter My Marlin Sportfishing inludes everything you need for fishing. We include live baits, fishing licenses, fishing gear, cooler with ice,  and experienced big game fishing captain and crew.  Our boat the My Marlin brand is Bertram and is equipped for up to 5 anglers.  All of charters have a tournament winning crew that have fished in Puerto Vallarta for over 10 yrs but most have fished in Puerto Vallarta there whole life.

Questions and Answers

What is included in the My Marlin  Puerto Vallarta fishing charter price? 

Charters include cooler with ice, live bait, lures, fishing licenses, all the fishing gear needed, and experienced captain and crew.

Do you have pick ups in Nuevo Vallarta? 

Yes we have free pick up in Nuevo Vallarta.

Are there any port fee’s?

There is a $3  port fee in Marina Vallarta but as of right now it is still free in Nuevo Vallarta July 2015.

Do I need to make a deposit to confirm my Puerto Vallarta fishing reservation?

Yes it is a 50% deposit to confirm you reservation We accept Credit cards, Paypal. or bank of america transfer.

Is the deposit refundable.

No deposits are non refundable unless it is dangerous and the port captain closes the port. If port closes then we can either reschedule or refund your deposit.

When is the best time to catch Marlin in Puerto Vallarta? 

Typically Blue and Black Marlin Season starts in June and runs until the end of November. \then Decemember through April you can normally still catch small Striped Marlins chack out our Puerto Vallarta fishing reports to see whats biting right now in Puerto Vallarta.

Are the Puerto Vallarta fishing Charter prices in Dollars or Pesos? 

All prices are in USD.

Are prices per person or for the whole boat? 

All prices are for private Charters for the whole boat not per person you can have 1 or 5  people in your fishing group and it is still the same price.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report April 2015

Puerto Vallarta fishing report April 2015

Dorado-puerto Vallarta fishing report April 2015-2

Mahi mahi / Dorado

it has been an off and on month for offshore fishing but the inshore fishing inside the bay is still red hot boiling over with Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackeral, and bonitas nthing to big but alot of action and alot of fun. We caught a few big Dorado at Corbetena as well averaging 30 -60 lbs but this last week of April the Billlfish has slowed down.  conatct us for more info about Puerto Vallarta fishing

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta My Marlin

Jack Crevalle

Puerto Vallarta fishing report September 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing report September 2014 Puerto Vallarta fishing report MYMarlin

Well We had some rough weather and tropical storms last week but the rest f the month and the last few day’s have been fantastic fishing big Black Marlin and Cubera Snapper fishing at el banco.  We have also been catching Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi mahi, and Sailfish. This is the big time Puerto Vallarta fishing season it is only going to get better for the next 2 hopefully 4 months. This is the time of the year when you normally do not need to travel 120 miles offshore to find some big Yellowfin Tuna which is what alot of anglers are looking for when coming to fish in Puerto Vallarta.  This last week We have caught several Yellowfin Tuna over 100 lbs at El banco and Corbetena so they are out there just not not biting in great numbers like further offshore. 


Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 2014.

Finally the Yellowfin have shown up at Corbetena through out the year thePuerto vallarta fishing report Yellowfin Tuna bite has been consistent but has been 120 miles offshore this last Monday We finally started to see some life at La Corbetena 36 miles offshore last Monday August 11th there was Schools of Tuna averaging  30-150 lbs. Hopefully We will start seeing some 200 + lb Tuna fish by the end of the week. There has also been Smaller Tuna on the south side of Banderas bay averaging 5-12 lbs but the bite  been in the evening  between 5pm  and 8:30 pm. The Small Tuna have been biting on small Sardines.  Now back to offshore the waters at the bank were green on Monday and even further offshore by the Islands but Corbetena was nice and blue with a few boils of Tuna, We also caught Sailfish, and Marlin it really felt like Puerto Vallarta fishing is suppose to in middle of August. Though Sailfish and Marlin have been hot at Corbetena all through the summer it just has not felt the same since the Tuna were biting a 120 miles offshore and a overnight fishing charter was needed to reach some Cow Tuna I am very happy to report You can catch some nice sized Tuna on a 10 or 12 hour day right now.

Puerto Vallarta fishing Report 8th Annual Marlin and Tuna Tournament

Puerto Vallarta fishing report July 19th 2014

Offshore Puerto Vallarta fishing report
The 8th international Marlin and Tuna tournament Captain Steve Torres wins 1st place Marlin 2 years in a row this time with a 218Kg or 480 lb Blue Marlin.

1st lace Marlin in Puerto Vallarta fishing tournament

1st place Marlin 480 lbs fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

It was anther Success full Puerto Vallarta fishing tournament. there is a lot of Billfish in Puerto Vallarta offshore fishery’s all of the Marlin in the tournament were caught at El Banco 1st place Sailfish was won by the Lucina fishing team with a 87 lb Sailfish. The big of the day was caught with live bait trolling the outer rims at el banco over 50 miles offshore the Puerto Vallarta Marina.



Inshore Puerto Vallarta fishing report

Inshore Banderas bay right now this last week we have been catching needle fish, Jack Crevalle,  Bonitas and few smaller Mahi Mahi. Fishing on  north and south sides of Banderas bay this is what you can expect from 4 or 6 hr day’s.

Inshore Puerto Vallarta fishing report

Inshore Puerto Vallarta fishing report

Puerto Vallarta fishing report July 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing report July 2014
Open water and La Corbetena have been abundant with Billfish so far this month We have caught Sailfish and several Blue Marlin. The Billfish have been biting live bait, and artificial lures in open water trolling and in area’s around the Corbetena rock. Dorado have been biting inside the bay in dirt lines and logs floating due to the rivers over flowing into the ocean from the rain We have been having at night time. Corbetena has also been hot bottom fishing We caught several huge Grouper in 30-40 lb range this month as well. Bandera’s bay fishing has also been very steady with smaller Skip jacks great for Marlin bait if you are going further offshore or just great to catch if alot of action is what your after. The most asked question I have been receiving lately in emails and phone calls has been is there any cow Yellowfin Tuna fish? and the answer is yes though the Yellowfin tuna are not biting at the local Puerto Vallarta fishery. You can catch these cow sized fish further offshore 120 + miles has been red hot with 100-300 lb class Yellowfin Tuna. The big game Yellow fin tuna fishing trips are not your regular Puerto Vallarta fishing charters in order to go 120 miles offshore it is a 2.5 fishing charter so it is definitely for seasoned anglers. So whether you are a big game sportfisherman or just want to have a family day on the water there is a type of fish for everyone right now  in Puerto Vallarta.