Puerto Vallarta fish species

Puerto Vallarta fish Species

There are many Puerto Vallarta fish species to choose from when fishing in Puerto Vallarta here We will just talk about the game fish that are the most popular and most common to catch on your vacation to Puerto Vallarta.  The most sought out Puerto Vallarta fish Species is Billfish.  Puerto Vallarta offers 4 type of Billfish to catch Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Black Marlin,  and Blue Marlin.  The next biggest game fish and sought after catch in Puerto Vallarta is of course the Yellowfin Tuna.  Puerto Vallarta offshore Yellowfn Tuna average 100-300 lbs up to 400 lbs. these monster Tuna feed here all year around but most months you need over night charters 80-120 miles offshore or if you are here in September and October you can find these cow fish at La Corbetena or El banco.  Next on our list is the Dorado or Mahi mahi.  Dorado average size is 10-30 lbs and can be caught inshore and offshore Puerto Vallarta in colder months of the year you will need to travel further offshore but normally in Summer months you can catch smaller Dorado fish inside the bay as well.  Another big Favorite is Wahoo.  Wahoo fish is one of the hardest to catch and is also normally only in season in September and October but if you are lucky enough to catch Wahoo it is one of the best tasting fish in the world.  Grouper and Red Snapper a little bit different then the others so far for this fish species you will need to bottom fish just as fun and both fish great to eat and great fight on the reel.

Other Inshore Puerto Vallarta fish species are


Spanish Mackeral

African Pompano

Jack Crevalle


Skip Jacks