Puerto Vallarta Marlin fishing

Puerto Vallarta Marlin fishing

You can catch Marlin normally all year around in Puerto Vallarta but the bigger blue and Black Marlin high season is July- August when the water is at it hottest temperature the full Blue and Black Marlin season is late June through November and sometimes all the way through December. Then in late December and early January through April you can catch Striped Marlin as well.  Typically you need to go 36 miles offshore to La Corbetena or 50 miles offshore to El Banco to find Marlin no matter what time of the Puerto Vallarta fishing season you be looking at a 10 or 12 hour fishing Charter.  The average size of Blue Marlin is 200-500 lbs and up to 1,200 lbs. Black Marlin average is 300-500 lbs also up to 1,200 lbs.   Striped Marlin are smaller in size and average 60-100 lbs.  Check out our latest Puerto Vallarta fishing reports to see what has been biting in our Puerto Vallarta fishery lately.