Puerto Vallarta fishery

The Puerto Vallarta fishing mostly consists of 5 major fishing spots inside Banderas Bay, Island Marietas, EL Morro, La Corbetena, aMy Marlin Puerto Vallarta fisherynd el banco.  There are also more fishing area’s further offshore but these 5 are the  fishing spots you can hit in a 1 day fishing Charter. We will start with fishing inside of Banderas Bay on 4 or 6 hour fishing Charters. Inside the bay you can either fish the north side of the bay or the south side of the bay depending on season and what fish species are biting and where. inside Banderas bay you will find smaller fish species like Jack Crevalle, Bonito, and Needle almost all year around also Smaller Dorado, and smaller Tuna depending on season.  on 4-6 hour day’s We will mostly troll and cast live bait.  On 8 hour fishing Charters you will head outside of Banderas bay either to Marietas or el morro whichever has a better bite.  Marietas is an island 18 mies from a the Marina Vallarta and el morro is 22 miles from the Marina Vallarta. at both of these locations is where You will find Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle, Mahi Mahi or Dorado. Red Snapper. and Sailfish. On our 10 hour Puerto Vallarta fishing charter We head 36 miles offshore to La Corbetena where depending on fishing season You can find Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Blue Striped, and Black Marlin,  huge Dorado or Mahi mahi, Wahoo, and Grouper.  on our 12 hour day’s you head 50 miles offshore to El banco where you can find the same fish species as you can at the fishery at La Corbetena just depends on the day on which is going to be better but typically the further you go the bigger the fish.