Overnight fishing report Team My Marlin

Overnight Tuna fishing report with Team My Marlin

Puerto Vallarta fishing report-My Marlin March
My son and I took an overnight charter from Nuevo Vallarta March 1st to the 2nd with Team My Marlin, Captain Steve, Freddy, and Alex. We left at 2 am and went to sleep in the comfortable forward sleeping quarters. I awoke during the early am hours as nature called and noted that we were pulling a Panga behind us. I thought that we had stopped to help a disabled Panga and went back to sleep. We were awakened by Captain Steve yelling get your a…. up were hooked up on a nice tuna. We rushed out and no sooner than we were on deck another hook up occurred. Now my son (33y/o) and I were both hooked up on the biggest tuna of our lives and virtually giddy and unable to stop smiling.  We were out 70 miles or so and it was the fishing charter of our lives. Totals were 21 tuna and 4 dorado.  Steve is a kite master and to see a tuna hit a Caballito is like a bomb exploding on the surface of the sea. SPECTACULAR!!!!! After it was all said and done we had two around 180 lbs and 12 in the 100 lb range, with the smallest about 45 lb. One dodo was around 35 lb and the rest smaller. The crew was first class and Steve confirmed why he has won so many tournaments. This guy is part fish! The crew was magnificent as well. We lost only one of every 5 hook ups which is pretty good for this size tuna. We hooked several ourselves which is even better than a hand off or kite hook up.Back to the panga? Turns out Capt. Steve was so confident of a big trip that he pulled the panga behind us specifically for the large ice capacity in the middle of the panga. There were 3 young guys on the boat and they fished around us for the entire trip. The fish never even got close to warm and were either on a stringer along side the boat or in the ice chest of the Panga.  Freddy the Filet showed his mettle as well with his expertise at cleaning and filleting these big boys for us.
Trip Date March 2013
Ben and Benny Hourani

Tuna fishing with team My Marlin Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta fishing review My Marlin Sportfishing

Puerto Vallarta fishing Charter Review aboard the My Marlin October 2016

Great time on the My Marlin. Captain and first mate were top notch and ended up putting a nice blue on the boat.

review by  Joe Dusek


September – November are alot of fishermen favorite months to fish in Puerto Vallarta these are the months where everything is biting offshore Blue and Black Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and Dorado.  You might be lucky enough to even catch all 4 in just one fishing charter 

Puerto Vallarta fishing report October 2015

Puerto Vallarta fishing report October 2015 Marlin, Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish, and Dorado.

It has been a great month of fishing everything is out there Black Marlin, Blue Marlin,

Yellowfin Tuna 150 lbs with Mark Tayler

Yellowfin Tuna 150 lbs with Mark Tayler

Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish and Dorado. the 1st couple week of the month the hot spot was a little north of la Corbetena about 40 miles offshore it was a daily Billfish hgot spot producing Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, and Sailfish.   The Yellowfin Tuna bite has picked up about 15 miles past El banco past el banco averaging 80 – 150 lbs. Angler Mark Taylor caught one of the biggest tuna’s of the month aboard the My Marlin as seen in photo the tuna was caught outside of el banco on 10/14/15 on a overnight fishing Charter with captain Steve Torres.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report July 2015

It is have been a up and down month of fishing here in Puerto Vallarta.  The Billfish have beenn the most constistent bite We are still seeing alot of Blue Marlin, and Sailfish biting at Corbetena and el banco as well as nice surprise of sharks this last week also biting offshore. inshore has been slow since the storm there is aslot of bonitas and a Jack Crevalle. But the mahi mahi have seemed to dissapear the last couple days but I’m sure that will change soon. The Water is nice and blue and heating up it looks like it is going to be big Summer fishing season in PV.   Congratulations to Philip Mathias who caught the big Marlin in picture below while fishing on the My Marlin with captain Filipe July/18/2015.

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Marlin mymarlin Puerto Vallarta fishing report July

Puerto Vallarta fishing report May 2015

Puerto Vallarta fishing report May 2015 it has been a great month of fishing so far the Billfish continue to bite at El Banco last We caught several Striped Marlins and Sailfish, both averging 60-120 lbs.

The Jack Crevalle are still boiling inshore along with small Red snapper, and Sierra Mackeral alot of action inside the bay right now.

Inshore fishing Jack Crevalle

Offshore 2.5 day Charters Yellowfin tuna are biting averaging 100-250 lbs

Puerto Vallarta fishing report January 2015

Puerto Vallarta fishing report January 2015

Blue Marlin release

Blue Marlin release

It has been a great start to our Puerto Vallarta fishing season We normally never see Blue Marlin this time of the year but We have been catching them every offshore charter all year so far which is outstanding for January. We are also catching Sailfish, big Dorado, and Yellowfin Tuna. ishore off the point of punta de mita has been hot with Roosterfish and smaller Dorado with a few Sailfish, and 10-12 hr days offshore to Corbetena or El banco is where you find the Marlin, Sailfish, and Big Dorado/ Mahi mahi We have also had a couple Yellowfin Tuna bites outside of el banco as well but the big Tuna are biting consitently about 20 miles past el banco. Inside of banderas bay has been full of Jack Crevalle, and Bonitas, as well as Sierra Mackeral.  The Blue Marlin have been averaging 120-300 lbs so they are not Huge but still a experience of a lifetime if you are lucky enough to be in Puerto Vallarta soon.  That is all for this weeks Puerto Vallarta fishing report for more info please contact us 

Puerto Vallarta fishing report December 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing report December 2014 My Marlin Puerto Vallarta fishing Charter

The Yellowfin Tuna are still biting offshore about 10 miles past el banco great fishing it is always great fishing when you can find cow Tuna wthout having to do a over night charter you still need a 14 hr day but weill worth it to bring home 1 of these cow’s in a 1 day charter. Sailfish and Dorado have are still abundant in eo[pen waters and La Corbrtena. Sailfish have been biting live baits casting and trolling. Same with the Dorado. fishing off the point has been picking up with alot of Roosterfish, and Jack Crevalle, inside the has been boiling with bonitas and also smaller pacif Jack Crevalle. contact us for more info about fishing in Puerto Vallarta.

My Marlin Fishing


Welcome My Marlin fishing in Puerto Valllarta Mexico. My Marlin Sportfishing is Managed by captain Steve Torres one of the most well known big game fishing captains in Mexico and holds the record for Marlin here in his home town Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is great fishing all year around high season for big Blue and Black Marlin are July through November then December normally through May you can catch Smaller striped Marlin.  Puerto Vallarta is also of course known for its cow Yellowfin Tuna well you can normally catch Yellowfin Tuna ll year around in Puerto Vallarta but unless you are here in September or October you will most likely need a overnight deep sea fishing charter 80-120 miles offshore the Marina Vallarta.